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Pregnant? Considering Adoption?

This website is for birthparents seeking information on placing a child for adoption. If you are seeking information on adopting a child, please visit

Pregnant? Considering Adoption?There are many emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy. You may be feeling a combination of emotions such as fear, excitement, panic and the “what am I going to do” feeling.  Here at Connections, we want to talk to you about your thoughts, feelings and answer questions you may have about adoption and the adoption process.

We know there are many choices you face with an unplanned pregnancy and we are here to discuss all of those options.  We have an experienced adoption staff that answers the phone 24/7. Call 1-800-450-7191 or if you prefer text then text “adoption” to 69302.

There are many types of adoption plans and adoption does not have to be a final goodbye. If you choose, you may receive pictures, updates and contact from the adoptive parents you have chosen on a periodic basis so you can still remind your child from time to time of your love.

That is the basic premise of the most popular types of adoption – open or semi-open adoption. However, one of these may not be the adoption plan you feel is best for your and your child, then you may still choose a closed adoption. The decision is yours.

Untimely Pregnancy

At Connections, the adoption plan is created by the birthmother and supported by us and the potential adoptive family she has chosen.

There is a choice…

We cannot help you find your birth parents or a child you placed for adoption unless we are the agency that worked on the adoption. If you need a resource of one of these reasons please visit